Mar 1, 2018 | | Casselberry, FL
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

3/1/2018: I have been a customer of Jerry’s Mercedes for a couple of years now, but it wasn’t until my car broke down at the airport about a year ago that I came to appreciate the staff and service here. I had to be towed from the airport at midnight because my car would not go into gear. I called Jerry the next day, and he walked me through how to temporarily adjust my gearbox, so I could drive to get the repairs I needed completed. Otherwise, I would have had to call another tow service the next day. This is just the first example of the exemplary personal service that is represented here.Today, I left to run some errands and when I got back into my car, it would not start. I called Jerry’s Mercedes and Paul answered the phone. I told him what the symptoms were and he knew immediately what the issue was. He told me to let it cool for 15 to 20 minutes, which I did. It cranked right up, and I headed directly for the shop to have a sensor replaced. It was 4pm. I had also called AAA to come pick me up, and as great as their service is, they said they would not be able to get to me until almost 5pm. So, I tried to crank it up and I took off as fast as I could when it did. I broke down in 5 o’clock traffic 3 times on the way to the shop. First-responders were the ones that helped me push my car out of the road each time. (Thank you police, city workers, and fire department). Each time I broke down, I updated AAA with an address of where I was. And each time, I sat for at least 15 to 20 minutes waiting. I knew I had to get to the shop before it closed at 6pm on this particular day. I finally made it to the shop with 20 minutes to spare before closing.Luckily, I had called ahead and they had the sensor already available there. So it was a matter of a quick repair and check-over of my car and fluids. Paul even filled my tires for me because they were low on air.I can’t say enough about how important and special this group of Mercedes servicemen are! They will prioritize your repair depending on your needs. You don’t find caring mechanics like this everyday, so believe me, when I say and recommend Jerry’s Mercedes Benz Service, it is well-meant and from the heart!

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